Yet another teacher whore fucks her student

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips. ... hool-cops/

^^^^^"dated" a fucking 13 year-old student and sucked his dick multiple times at school. lol...just look at her pic, contemplate the fact that she was fucking a 13-year old and then all of you "DURRR ONLY CHADS GET LAID DURRRR YOU NEED TO BE AT LEAST 6 FEET TALL AND RIPPED AND LOOK LIKE CHAD TO GET LAID , DURRR U NEED TO BE A LEGIT 8 9 or 10 TO GET LAID THESE DAYS DURRRR EVERYONE ELSE IS INCEL OR FUCKING LANDWHALES DURRR" RETARDS will FINALLY see the light that these fucking free birth control, amy schumer/chelsea handler worshipping liberal western whores will FUCK ANYTHING THAT MOVES and it is just you're angry obsessive retard autistic dumbasses that have trouble getting pussy while fucking 12 and 13 year olds are getting hot blonde fuckbuddy pussy while at school..lulz

oh wait lemme guess.....he was probably a TOTAL 13 year-old CHAD RIGHT RETARDS?!!!!! JUST LULZ....... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: you COPECELS are fucking hilarious....just keep coping, bitches, just keep coping while everybody else is fucking.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

He probably wasn't a chad but I bet my bottom dollar he was a grown mans height (i.e. over 5'9).

We're not indestructible
Baby better get that straight
I think it's unbelievable
How you give into the hands of Chad
Some things are worth fighting for (but not your smelly cunt)

Some feelings never die
I'm not asking for another chance
I just wanna know why

There's no easy way out
There's no shortcut home
There's no easy way out
Giving up can't be wrong

BigSteveWood wrote:... and it is just you're angry obsessive retard autistic dumbasses that have trouble getting pussy while fucking 12 and 13 year olds are getting hot blonde fuckbuddy pussy while at school..lulz ...

Easier said than done. If I could change my personality easily I would, but it's taken years to even have a conversation with a girl.

When being nice to girls doesn't work and being mean to girls doesn't work either, that's when I go insane. There's no choice, no options left.

I'm not saying I have to kill anyone. I'm just saying I'm insane. My life makes no sense.

She's kind of hot in the one picture but kind of weird like a snake in the picture with her mouth open. She's a snake, like the serpent in the Garden of Eden. She's evil.

the married 27 year old teacher sent nudes to the 13 year old boy "if i could quit my job and fuck you all day long i would"

Of course they are chads. Does anyone really think the teachers go for the average looking teenager?
Height and face are two most important features not being a buff manly man. That 13 year old can easily be near or at the average adult male height.

Also there is a psychological thing behind this. Young men are seen as adventure to these women and they often believe that they can shape them the way they want them to be.

that kid is saved from incelism
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

It's interesting that it is a known biological fact that men prefer barely legal women that resemble JB and look virginic. But what society didn't realize is that a small fraction of women fantasize about fucking virgins too. Probably more of a pussy worship, authority of males/power dynamic for them vs the male desire to ride holes and hot tight bodies that haven't had ten miles of dick in them already.

In my experience, women have very low awareness of legal consequences. When a man breaks the law he is under no illusion he's fucked. He understands that if caught, the full weight of the legal system will crush him.

Women learn their sex can get them out of legal consequences. A warning instead of a traffic ticket. Their boyfriends are questioned while they walk free with a smack on the wrist.

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