This sounds exactly like inceljoshua a sufferer of NPD

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"I am so smart! My IQ is above140."

Self-enhancement is a prominent feature of narcissistic personality disorder, regardless of the dimension. They view themselves in an overly positive light and believe they are unique and superior to others. In a meta-analysis review, researchers Grijalva and Zhang explored the insight of individuals with narcissistic personality disorder. The studies supported that people high in narcissism tend to over-estimate or exaggerate their abilities, status (for example, intelligence), and looks, more than could be supported by reality.

They believe they are better than other people, and usually the variables that are self-enhanced are related to "power and status" (agency). Even if evidence to the contrary is presented, such as the results of an IQ test. Often that reality will be challenged, rather than accepted. They might become extremely defensive and verbally attack or degrade the examiner who gave the test or the test itself ("What a stupid test!"). Indisputable evidence of their inaccurate, overly inflated self-assessment does not change the self-view of someone high in narcissism.

He attempts to make people believe he is tall and white despite evidence to contrary and self-admitted evidence prior to individuals calling him a negroid

"Make them believe I'm smart and handsome. I won't stand for anything else!"

In Section III of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, Fifth Edition ("Alternative DSM-5 Model for Personality Disorders"), conditions associated with personality are conceptualized differently from the current diagnostic criteria. Consideration is given to both an individual's "functioning" as well as personality "traits" and are considered along a continuum, with dimensions. As a clinician, I find this approach more in line with the complexity of human behavior.

With regard to Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Section III highlights that people with this condition have "vulnerable self-esteem." This is regardless of whether the person is extroverted or introverted, or of the "vulnerable" or "grandiose" variants. They require regulation from the outside world to maintain many facets of the self. Therefore, they often use people to stabilize their emotions and the feelings they have regarding who they are and what they want to do or be.

They lash out or humiliate others for infractions of even the most frivolous nature (for example, you gave an opinion that differed from theirs; you demonstrated confidence, and it made them look bad; you told a joke that involved poking fun at them).

For some, their grandiosity and protection of their fragile "true self" can be at such extreme levels that they will lie and give the impression that simply because they say it, that makes it reality. Many will become angered if their lies are challenged with truth or facts. Of course, this can create problems for the people close to them, as this pattern of behavior can easily veer into gaslighting.

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