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November arrives to tell a story of grief and baldness as yours truly has cut his NW7 combover too short. As of this moment it no longer conceals my balled temples.

Due to this unplanned and unfortunate circumstance i'll be handling even fewer deals in person this month, as you'll find me holed up in my office at Cox Enterprises headquarters as i recover.

This affliction comes as blessing in disguise, during my downtime i will have the opportunity to polish my salesmanship and develop new strategies for the company. Meanwhile my best balled Salesmen will be appointed to transactions that were originally mine to do and it's their opportunity to further prove themselves as valuable assets.

During this difficult time i'll be surrounded by balled counselours and big balled she-males to help me adequately weather the storm and nourish my mental state throughout misfortune, so i find myself in good hands.

I am expected to make a full recovery by the end of 2017 when work with she-males will resume as planned.

Thank you for your understanding, together we'll get through this setback.

Regards, Man Of Sales on behalf of Cox Enterprises and its offshoot Cox Communications.

Here is to hoping you have a full recovery boss.

I like to use bandannas to hide my balled head.
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My counselor Balled has suggested an alternetive in which i could still participate and be present in the deals from a distance, namely via video chat, of course using dim lighting and tons of concealer on my shiny, chrome-dome head. We'll look into it and see how it goes.

Meanwhile my private doctor has prescribed murder of gooks and niggers + lots of nasty hot sex with ladyboys to keep suicidal thoughts away.

We must deliver the new 12 inch shemale cox to boss' butthole so he can recover ASAP.

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Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

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