Female abuses bf, plays the victim

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A couple days later, the boy’s mother, Brandy Pasanen, made a post on Facebook too, which received its own fair share of likes and shares. The mother’s post, addressed to “The little girl crying wolf”, told a completely different story from what Shay had posted a couple days earlier. Apparently, Shay had a long history of falsely accusing others of assault for attention. She had even informed them that her own father had abused her, which is how she came to live with them in the first place.

We got into contact with Brandy, who further explained that Shay had a habit of picking fights with people, having picked fights with her, her son’s ex girlfriend and her parents (On Christmas day). She was subsequently arrested by the police, although nothing came off the arrests; She was let off with just a warning. Shay also has a history of self harming by cutting herself with sharp objects and drinking windex (A chemical for cleaning that can be fatal when injected into the human body). Brandy tagged her post “Justice for Arne”, “male domestic violence happens to men too” and “Justice for men”

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Gymcel Chronicles wrote:Society creates monsters much like Dr Frankenstein but takes 0 responsibility as normalfags do.
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