Girls complained when assigned to me in group projects.

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Way back when I was in high school, there was this one incident that forever killed my self-esteem. I was assigned to work in this group of 3 or 4 students, including this one girl, who was the most or second-most popular girl in class. When realizing that I was assigned to her group, she publicly and loudly yelled to the whole class "Ughhh, not HIM!" I immediately froze up, before screaming "Die you fucking cunt!" and crying as I ran out into the hallway. Unfortunately the tears started practically immediately so my whole class did see me cry. And it was a very intense bawling sort of crying.

So then my teacher comes out into the hallway. First thing the cunt says is "You really need to watch your language." I called her a cunt as well and she sent me to the counselor's office - apparently I'm too pathetic to even be sent to the principal. The counselor then calls my mother who comes and picks me up. Yet my cunt of a mother makes me return to the same fucking school, same fucking class, same fucking everything two days later. Which as you can imagine is beyond humiliating.

My question is this. I'll admit that I've always been slightly retarded and very poor at school. So did this happen because of my looks? Would she have done this to a Chad? Even a Chad that was literally retarded and couldn't spell his name?

I think I know the answer. But for such a traumatizing life-ruining event, I just thought I'd ask anyway.

Furthermore, what are your general thoughts on my experience and have you had a similar one?
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It's because you're ugly. But you already know that.
Once you have taken the red pill there is no way back.

ihateallwomen wrote:It's because you're ugly. But you already know that.

Indeed. What are your thoughts on my experience and have you had a similar one?

Girls in school just ignored me most of the time. Some of them (including my oneitis) were pretending they like me and then told me to fuck off when I made a move on them. One day I took a huge redpill on my looks when I went to the nearby store and there was a group of girls asking every guy who was passing by for his number. Every guy except me.

I suggest acting like a man. Stop being retarded.

you should have go with something like "you really think I want to be with you, though it up princess, it's life".

You need to man up and stop being a little bitch. Try reading my website.

Kind regards,
Sam Smyth
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