* Investigators Skill Test Series *
It is made for measuring your intelligence levels and abilities to learn, all it in unique manner by giving you various tasks what you can easily solve. If you have at-least basic knowledge about internet then this test suits you well.

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Test 'Agent D.' part 1:

We just received another note from criminals. As all previous notes have given us valuable information about their activities and helped us to find important pieces in 'puzzles', we assume that this note is highly helpful for us.

"You suckers can't stop us. Cope with that. Last time we were in USA, now we are in England! But we won't stay here long, keep it mind you fools. If you do wan't to know hwere we are now.. go to USA, Washington, Bellingham to the corner of Alabama St. and Northsore Dr./Electric Ave.. If you go there by Alabama St. you may see it clearly in the end of street. There are two street signs on street post. One is yellow, eat this mofa! Second one says it all! Read 4th line, there are 6 letters, read those backwards. C is X, I is irrelevant. Read it! Sign was there in 2009 when we actually where there ! This time we stayed few blocks away from there. By the way we like now hamsters! We keep in touch!"

Our new young detective it is now up to you to find what it is all about (and as fast as possible). We will send investigators there, but it takes time and we don't have that time to lose.
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It's obvious it's street view buddy boyo.
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Above: As it is first one in our series, then it is made for warm up!

We believe that there may be legit information what helps to track those criminals. What we got?
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you need to censor my answer boyo. cuz that means im the only candidate up for this task.

Don't confuse boys.


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