Sluthater on MTV-'catfish' incel runs male model experiment

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incel runs male model experiment on 400 tinder girls

"he called it an experiment"
"he said we're an experiment"

GUARANTEE this guy browses here. Tinder experiments of male models.

dude is legit an evil genius mastermind

slut said "I feel sexually violated"

Sexually violated? Try being an incel and going without women's affections for years and standing on the sidelines while all the girls you'd give a limb to be with are having one night stand after one night stand with obnoxious chads. Why am I expected to feel sorry for a single mom who works a pole and is credulous enough to fall in love with a fake chad after 3 texts?

They never got around to why he did it though, they didn't let him talk and kept saying OMG U HORRIBLE MONSTER, I'm fairly confident he did it for looks theory related reasons, but again, they didn't let him speak, I wish he dropped some looksbombs on the normies. He probably did but they edited it out, that's how these kind of shows go.

Lol "Emotional Connection"

Lmfao at this whore crying "because I'm a dancer, and Im a mom!"

yes, what a wonderful and prestigious career

I just feel bad for the kids, having a blithe stripper for a mother

ideally she would learn something from this (stop chasing after tinder chad cock and working a pole), if not for her own sake then for her kids', too many utterly feckless people are reproducing and it's a disaster for not only the children but humanity in general

but she won't, her kids will end up fucked up (from watching chad brad and thad walking out of mommy's room 3 times a week) and she'll end up getting pumped and dumped serially by chads

very low sentience

But nope...

She learned she is a VICTIM

and she didn't do anything wrong

I'M A VICTIM!!!!! *swallows chad's jizz while kid is crying in the next room the second she gets back to her town*

holy fucking shit

post prime hag, single mother and professional pole dancer thinks she deserves a male model

when they find his profile and are repulsed by his looks :lol: :lol: :lol:

I feel no sympathy whatsoever for women in general.

This is after many years of experience with them, from which I have learned that to show them mercy will only come back to bite you in the ass.

Girls are ruthless and selfish. They don't really care about other people much aside from getting what they want.

Which is ironic because this is exactly the claim they make against men.

They will try to play this stupid game with you, of innocent victim while you are the "bad guy" while doing the same exact thing they supposedly don't like you doing. If you give into this rigged game then you are a fool.

They will shame you for being selfish only as a ruse so that they can be selfish.

They will accuse you of manipulation only as a means to manipulate you.

Show them no quarter, for you shall receive none.

Women were the best course in sociopathic behavior I ever had. When you are brutally punished for kindness over and over and repeatedly rewarded for strength and brutality, you begin to learn.

That's what women are designed to do. They are designed to punish losers and reward winners.


This guy was too nice. If I was him I would tell them to fuck off. Trying to explain why you did it is useless because they can just edit it out, like OP already mentioned.
Once you have taken the red pill there is no way back.

I would like to point out the following:

1) This reality show is obviously spurious, at least this episode that I've just saw. It is true that presented story is recurrent/common in the modern landscape of online dating (where fake accounts /catfishes abound). But no real catfisher would lend himself to being interviewed/filmed on a tv show. :lol:

Anyone in such situation who was discovered and subsequently contacted by the journalistic team, would in no case be willing to participate in a tv recording (at least no one in his right mind). On the other hand, I think the same of the supposed defrauded females.

They all seem like actors playing a script. The vast majority of female online daters are accustomed to find fraudulent male profiles during their experience (due to its high choosiness). It is difficult for me to believe that any woman would resort to calling to a tv program to tell her a story of this nature, it is ridiculous. Unless she wants her moment of glory to appearing on TV, even though it is at the expense of her personal reputation.

2) Why do the scriptwriters / directors have to present the catfisher as a physically endomorphic/chubby guy, below average on attractiveness?

You really do not need to be at the bottom of the barrel to be a incel/deprived man. I am an mesomorphic/athletic guy (i.e gym body), I have been catfishing women online for years. It seems that tv shows want to sell the image that only the Chad antitheses (fluglies men) are without sexual options. The reality is that if you are not facially a +7/10 guy, find a cute receptive girl is a chimera. So I bet that behind many male catfishers are average joes, gym guys with unattractive faces, etc..
Women seem wicked when you're unwanted

victim count : 40

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