Free Plastic Surgery for all Sub-7's, OR ELSE!

Share your experiences with the opposite sex. Suggest ways to improve your success. Analyze the behavior of females in real life and online. Rant and rave about females. Show the importance of looks pertaining to attracting females and other social situations. Discuss aesthetics and the science of attractiveness. Exchange health, nutrition and looksmaxing tips.

We must provide plastic surgery for all sub7 men, or suffer the consequences. Think the government can't afford it? Think again. That's only a tiny fraction of what our greedy leaders have already spent in the last 5 years. Give every ugly and average man a $10,000 cosmetic surgery voucher. The cost of an Ugly Men's Bailout ranges from 500 billion to 1.5 trillion. We stand to lose MUCH, MUCH MORE if we don't! More and more men are waking up to the truth about female sexuality, and that's potentially VERY dangerous. If we're serious about improving the economy, gender relations and crime rates, even a highest-cost-scenerio "ugly man's bailout" would be the best investment we ever made.

Looks matter. Female "attraction" has 2 faces - an authentic one and a pragmatic/businesslike one. Most average looking men are being settled for, and her sexual desire for him is lukewarm at best. She might whore herself and put up an act in order to "catch" him, but she eventually reveals her true colors. Hot guys get the best sex for free, while average looking men must pay through the nose for mediocre/infrequent sex. This is a double standard, and it isn't sustainable. Also, average looking men are deceived by society into believing women are "less visual". Female settling is behind high divorce rates, sexless marriages, cheating on both sides, mind games, long checklists of demands, and even bad dating advice. As more and more men wake up to the game that is being played, and HOW MUCH looks truly matter, I believe the backlash is inevitable - potentially even catastrophic. Also, much of current society iself relies on a Pay-For-Play sexual marketplace, so men's awakening to the Big Lie would really shake things up.

Being sexually attracted to your long-term partner was traditionally a luxury only afforded to men. Now that we are transitioning away from a Pay-For-Play sexual marketplace, women are starting to place more and more importance on a man's looks. I am doubtful that western civilization will survive this transition. Not unless we work to fascilitate GENUINE sexual attraction between partners via government subsidized plastic surgery and hair replacement. Many men simply cannot become sexually attractive through diet and exercise alone.

The Big Lie is what kept the "not-hots" docile, productive and obedient. If women think they live in fear of their lives now, they could be in for a nasty suprise! Rape gangs could rise up, roaming the streets. "Beta Male" terrorist organizations could spring up. They could find themselves pushed back into the kitchen, having to marry just to survive. More likely scenarios include a dramatic drop in male ambition/productivity, a sharp rise in all crime rates, and a rapid, nightmarish rise in misogyny - of a level never before seen in human history. The media's attempts to brainwash men back into submission will not save them from society's decline. Some men simply cannot handle the truth, and they would be in large enough numbers to bring western civilization itself down to its knees. A healthy sexual marketplace is necessary for the very survival of western civilization itself. If we don't subsidize cosmetic surgery, we WILL learn that lesson the hard way!!
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I sure hope so. It is high time to take control of the means of reproduction.

I would join you but I'm afraid Chad would snap my little twig arms as if I were a fly if I were to "rise up". Better just keep paying those taxes so Chad and Stacey's kids get free subway rides.

I share your concerns, which is why I only rebel by being a leech on society.

Plastic surgery for all males will not solve anything. When all men are good looking females will just become even more selective than they already are. Only restricting womens rights and sexuality will solve the problem.
Once you have taken the red pill there is no way back.

I call it Gendersocialism, the beginning of the end of society as we know it. It may take a 100 years to come to an end, but our societies will die such as the Romans or any other great power due to those in power listening to those with the biggest mouths.

The only vile part is the lies around it that deny its nature (specifically in order to make women look better to beta men and to each other). I don't ask women to be any different than their true selves, but they could stop fucking lying about it. Normie men as well deny it.

There are two concerning outcomes at play when it comes to relational dynamics:
1.Reducing the quality of the gene pool
2.Destabilizing society

The problem we're heading for is more of later. Female independence, the abundance of beta cucks, and government welfare programs essentially mean that women can optimize their hypergamous nature by sleeping/reproducing with Chads during their prime years and not having to worry about the negative outcomes that would have prevented reckless mate selection 100 years ago. Accordingly, the top 20% to 30% of all men prevail while the bottom 70% growing increasingly sexless or stuck with Chad's leftovers...note that this dynamic is arguably great for human evolution as it increasingly selects for only the best looking males for reproduction... but it forgets that women carry recessive/undesirable traits as well, so we see the same cycle of unattractive men being born, especially now that first borns are now being popped out by much older, unhealthier women.

However, organized religion and governments alike have long acknowledged (through policies, doctrine, and belief systems) that a few men monopolizing sex and reproductive rights make for a lot of unhappy and unproductive remaining men. After all, why work extra hard and be a contributing member of society beyond subsisting when the deck is stacked against you (MGTOW anyone?)? From a purely objective 50,000 ft off the ground standpoint, sex and women are almost like commodities or money...when a few people hold most of it, everyone else gets pissed.

Hypergamy unleashed is the capitalism of the sexual market place; it rewards the best of the species and doesn't always seem fair. Just like some people are born into money, some are born with a chiseled jaw, a swimmers broad clavs and 6'2" of height. However, even the poor can rise up and become millionaires just like betas can turn alpha.

The current societally encouraged system of one man one woman, marriage, etc is essentially sexual socialism. Everyone theoretically has the potential to get a mate, which is great for giving men hope and encouraging them to pursue the American dream and contribute to society. Arguably this system is a form of social control.

Ultimately, the question is what happens when hypergamy goes of the rails, female obesity rises to catastrophic levels only cutting the pool of attractive women to even smaller levels (it already is I might add!) and the bottom 70% of men becoming increasingly disenfranchised and become the fallout or 'lost boy' generation....

We're not indestructible
Baby better get that straight
I think it's unbelievable
How you give into the hands of Chad
Some things are worth fighting for (but not your smelly cunt)

Some feelings never die
I'm not asking for another chance
I just wanna know why

There's no easy way out
There's no shortcut home
There's no easy way out
Giving up can't be wrong

Isn't that the point of P.Shifts post? There are some factors men have no control over which contribute to their appeal (or lack thereof) and ultimately quality of life and quality of women they can attract, and those are the ones increasingly being selected for by women. They are: height, facial/jaw masculinity/robustness, shoulder-width, hand size, beard growth, hairlines and even race.

Can't really change any of those things, not even with plastic surgery... sans hair transplants and jaw implants.

Let's assume we put in an average female, a Chad, and Albert Einstein in the same room. Whom do you think the female would like to have sex with? Its the Chad. Because the female instincts tell her to do so. Good jawline, shoulder to waist ration, tall stature, symmetrical face, male model hair, he's in his prime years... this is what female chooses. Its not her fault, her reptilian brain is built to find that attractive.

But if we let women run on their instincts then we will see a decline in IQ and less civilized societies. If the collective goal is the progress of society, then it would be favored that selection will be based on how much a man will bring value to a society. If a man gets educated, earns honestly, then the society as a reward will give him a non-fat, decent and healthy educated female to procreate with. If there exists such a man that is anarchist, then the society won't let him procreate. Hence leading towards more stable society.

Black American men are tall, athletic, big cocked, have high testosterone levels. Because the selection goes by the females. Which also result in low IQ, violence ape like lifestyle.

Asian men are short, have low testosterone levels and less masculine dimorphism of all races. Because the white females don't fancy them, there don't get much to select. They have to marry and not cheat with their Asian female partners because of the societal pressure. They have more IQ and are much stable leading to a more progressive society far removed from violent caveman ape.

I wish people would stop perpetuating the myths of "from rags to riches", "from beta to alpha" etc. It's like there is a lack of basic understanding of statistics/distributions. Yes, success stories do happen, but there probability/prevalence is vastly overestimated. In general the poor stay poor and the sexless stay sexless. These fairy tales serve as moral justifications for the inequities resulting from economic and sexual free market capitalism, to blame the victims, praise the bullies and preserve the status quo.

Also it's not just some factors you don't have control over, it is all of them. Free Will is nothing but a phantasm.

I don't believe female attraction to looks works on a "percentage/ratio" basis. If every man became a Chad, most women would NOT still continue to hold out for someone of the top 20 or 30% in looks. They're only doing this because only 20 to 30% of men have the looks that naturally trigger sexual feelings, plus so many guys are also fat, out of shape, and unkempt.

When it comes to SETTLING, yes, so-called female "attraction" works on a percentage/ratio basis. If she feels she has to give up a good sex life (by being with a sub-7 male), she's going to shoot for the richest and highest-status beta provider she can get. Even if every sub-7 man was rich and high-status, women would still only be interested in the top 20%. It's business, not sexual attraction. If you're selling something, you want the highest price.

Looks doesn't work like money/status. Sexual attraction doesn't work like beta providing. If every man became good looking, PERSONALITY would actually start to matter. Women would finally start having standards in that area instead of just going for looks then complaining when the guy treats her badly. When it comes to money/status, women would LOWER their standards, not raise them. Why? Because most gold-digging, materialistic and demanding behavior comes from SETTLING.

Men are starting to wake up to the lies, and I'm scared of what the future holds. My 2 best friends are like sisters to me, and I come from a very large family with many female relatives. They're all gonna be in a world of shit unless we do something about it. The current sexual marketplace is NOT sustainable. It WILL eventually collapse under the weight of its lies and half-truths. There WILL be negative consequences. Women are TIRED of feeling like they have to reduce themselves to a prostitute. They're TIRED of the constant unwanted attention by sexually desperate, ugly ass dudes. They're tired of living in fear. We MEN are tired of the constant rejection. We're tired of having to meet a long list of demands that good looking guys don't have to. We're tired of the lies. We're tired of the man bashing. Both sides are guilty of holding double standards, and the other side is tired of it. There's a LOT of anger building up on both sides, and the battle of the sexes WILL intensify.

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