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Option 1 -- Clearnet

I got mine from a domestic vendor ^^^. Didn't need bitcoins just used encrypted email and money transfer.

Read reviews, buy from a reputable vendor and ask for a tracking number.

Syringes you can get OTC in some countries. Just go in and say yo I take B12 shots, I need some syringes. They are like 45 cents a needle. I was Aspie and anxious as hell buying mine but I don't look like a junkie and I'm cleancut and professional about shit like that.

Read online about what kind of steroid is right for you and the effects.

Option 2 -- Darknet

I haven't used the darknet to buy things in a long time.

But I think its still pretty shit simple

Download tor

Find a legit marketplace
[url] ... ketplaces/[/url]

Get a throwaway bitcoin wallet
Buy bitcoins (you can buy them via money transfer, money in the mail, and CC -- I don't recommend using PayPal)
Transfer bitcoins to your throwaway wallet
Launder the coins through a few different wallets then put them in your wallet you use on the darknet marketplace of choice
Read reviews, find a domestic supplier (or really good international one), don't finalize early unless you can definitely trust the person, and always try and get some tracking number for your order. So that way you know they mailed it and you can track the delivery.
And for fuck's sake use GPG and an encrypted email. You can find GUIs for GPG keys and such so you don't need to do it via terminal.

For extra security you can put a fake(but believable name) instead of yours. That way you have PLAUSIBLE DENIALABILITY. I know a few people who got out of a sticky situation by doing this.

Option 3 - Ask a huge guy at the gym

As cuckmaster said. However for Aspie incels like me I'd rather avoid this unless I know him personally.
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Looks theory destroyed, it's all about violent criminal game

How to buy steroids online

Dream wrote:I don't live in a fantasy world, I live in reality, I accepted looks are everything which makes Opry the messiah, it's you who live in a world of lies

you dont need all that just go to the nearest gym, find the biggest guy and ask him if he has some

cuckmaster wrote:you dont need all that just go to the nearest gym, find the biggest guy and ask him if he has some

Would you want to risk pissing a really huge guy off or being the laughing stock at the gym?

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