The London nightclub experience

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BreakingBad wrote:
MaximoIncel wrote:
But dude, what the hell are you saying? 1 month ago you was talking about you living in London.

How can you say now you´re glad you left at 23?

I haven't lived in London since late March. The last time I was out here was in Camden on cocoaine and vodka. Hate the place. Over priced and shit. I left in late March to venture on my career which so far is going to plan. I'm taking it day by day. My point is being brought up in London despite having a good social circle. To really experience the ' London life ' you need to be on six figures. I was always depressed and angry for no reasons on the trains. Too many nationalities in my opinion too many people too big. Being a young broke student I had barely any leverage on women and always blamed it on something. When moving abroad and socialising with people my age from all corners of the world I've gotten laid fine and met tons of people. Good looking ever slaying hot women in London without your own place and a good job. Even a basic wage 80% of your income is on rent. What you gonna do enjoy a beer at the club after £20 in the shit weather. Croatia is nice and the beer is cheap plus the women are hot and there's tons of Aussie travellers here who just need to be drunk to fuck you. I have tons of pictures i can send you guys but I'm not frequent here anymore due to wifi and roaming charges which I'm not paying for. Plus honestly I don't even use the Internet anymore unless it's Instagram Facebook or booking flights travel. All of it is poison
Slayer-tier post


so many nights of faliture. no need to even approch most girls come to the club with their social circle. anyone wanting to meet is doomed unless hes 6 ft 2 jacked chad
founder of MIA THEORY


Yet you claimed to 6 ft 1. Yeah i dont buy this bullshit post for a second

Your game just wasn't on point. You're tall and robust, IIRC. You were just too aspie.


MaximoIncel wrote:I live in London and I feel fucking invisible to girls.

You were exposed already of being a pimp who try to scam people out of money using your girls. Now you claiming to live in the UK? GTDO already loser

Stylite wrote:Norwood should write a book

I second this shit

'Life of an incel' or some shit, I would legit buy


fuckin classic thread... shame about all the shitposts we have now

You walk past a ginger manlet going in the opposite direction, briefly exchanging glances with identical dead-behind-the-eyes expressions. No words need to be uttered; you both understand each other's mutual suffering on this noche.

Shit. That was brutal

SMWE wrote:Your game just wasn't on point. You're tall and robust, IIRC. You were just too aspie.


txt = meh /10

op wallflowers than has a slow burning panic attack
the only pets you need are teen sex slaves in your basement and the poneys you fuck in the barn


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