The Next Step: Public Shaming on Dating Apps

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Bumble has already been covered here. It is an app that removes male choice, with only female users allowed to make advances: ... misogynist

Bumble dating app blocks and shames 'small-minded misogynist'

When one of its male users "lost his cool" with a female match, dating app Bumble stepped in to publicly tell him off and block him from the service.
Following a comment she made about a "slow" day in the office, the user, known only as Ashley, asked her match Connor about his job.
Over the course of a number of messages he then described her as a "gold-digger" and "entitled".
In an open letter to Connor, Bumble called him a "small-minded misogynist".
It appears Connor originally took exception to Ashley asking about his career.


"I've gotten tired of girls like you who shamelessly attempt to pry into my career and really the kind of money/earning potential I have," he then messaged.
"I put my job in my profile. I now use it as a vetting process to determine the truly shameless and unintelligent ones on here."
He later added: "I don't fall victim... to this neo-liberal, Beyonce, feminist cancer which plagues society."


Bumble replied: "She [Ashley] wasn't hoping to figure out if your wallet was sizeable enough for her to move into your house and start cooking dinner for you after vacuuming your living room while you clock in a 9 to 5 work day.
"Instead, Ashley was (wait for it, Connor, because this is where things really get interesting), viewing herself as an equal."
Like many dating services, Bumble operates on smartphones, matching people based on their preferences and locations.
But it says its unique offering is that only women are able to start conversations with potential partners.
It was launched by Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder of Tinder, who sued that organisation for sexual harassment.
She later settled out of court.


"We are going to hope that one day, you come around," Bumble said in their letter to Connor.
"We hope that the hate and resentment welling up inside of you will subside and you'll be able to engage in everyday conversations with women without being cowardice to their power.
"But until that day comes, Connor, consider yourself blocked from Bumble."
The firm also launched #ImWithAshley and #LaterConnor on social media.
A Pew Research Centre report in 2013 found that 28% of online daters have been harassed or made to feel uncomfortable.
For women, 42% have experienced negative contact, compared with just 17% of men.
Earlier this year it was revealed the number of reported crimes where dating apps are mentioned had increased more than sevenfold in the past two years.
Tell me with whom you associate and I will tell you who you are. If I know with what you busy yourself, I know what you amount to

Removing any judgement on whether he was right/wrong, this is pretty unique for a messaging service:

The firm also launched #ImWithAshley and #LaterConnor on social media.

Big Sister is watching, faggots. Pepper your Angus.

That guy just went full aspie sperg rage. :lol: He deserves to be ridiculed..

The 300k a year is a total lie, so it wouldnt surprise me if the rest was all a joke

PillowHumper wrote:That guy just went full aspie sperg rage. :lol: He deserves to be ridiculed..

The 300k a year is a total lie, so it wouldnt surprise me if the rest was all a joke

Agreed. he sperged out like crazy, she just sought some way to begin the conversation "work is slow here, what do you work as to be able to respond to me at this hour?"

"There is no doubt that many a man owes his good fortune in life soley to the circumstance that he has
A pleasant way of smiling, and so wins the heart in his favor.

However, the heart would better to remember what Hamlet put down- that one may smile, and smile, and be a villain." -Arthur Schopenhauer

No matter how full retard he went, this is [what you're lead to believe is a] private conversation between two individuals. Taken and used publicly for the express purpose of shaming the dude. On fucking Twitter.

What the actual fuck?

Fuck. Is the only other person on this fucking forum that would object to this mrz??

Well im not saying his sperg out warrants her reporting it and shit. Ridiculled yes. Boycotted? No way, especially not by the service. What's even worse are those retarded hashtags and how the company reveals it's true face and agenda.

I dont agree with social media shaming, but it seems like they kept it anonymous for the most part. I wish all social media would die. Facebook was fun for a year or two when I had it.. Before everyone took it so seriously.

The problem is these no life adult white knights and feminists with nothing better to do. Teenagers, which social media is geared toward, dont give a shit about this crap

Public social media shaming should really be made illegal because I consider it an invasion of privacy most times

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