Good Christian girls dating non-religious bad boys

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The result is that, if you grow up in this kind of church and are a beta male, you watch as the church's girls start "missionary dating", a cute term for "trying to drag this jackass who wets my crotch to church". If the church is from an area that's low-class enough, all the preaching won't matter much. Those girls are getting knocked up. ... -wome.html

Just lol at religion-cels.


This is a pretty common pattern in a lot of evangelical and fundamentalist churches. The "singles" adult group is made up of three classes:

1. Bitter divorced women with children, who either married or had a long relationship with a cad.
2. Bitter but financially and emotionally stable beta males who were ignored until their 30s.
3. Genuinely grossly unattractive people.

#3 is pretty uncommon these days.

The problem is that the church group wants to marry off the singles, but the #2 doesn't want to pay for the kids of (and absorb the bitterness of) the #1. Religious he may be, but he sees no good reason to pay for someone else's kids, doubly so when they're likely to be the kind of people he hated when he was younger. I think Gary North has written about it, but I can't seem to find the article.

The beta men in evangelical singles groups have two characteristics:

1. The typical beta inability (or lack of desire) to lead and command.
2. A genuine commitment to Christian charity, ethics, and morality.

We've been over #1 1000 times. #2 is more new to you folks, not having grown up in fundy circles. The simple fact is that Christian virtues of humility, meekness, patience, gentleness, etc. are terrible in the dating game. Confidence, pride, brashness, boldness, even outright jerkship are all ways to get going in the dating market. If you're taking the Christian commands of modesty and gentleness seriously, you're not waving your tail feathers. You can't imagine a pump and dump. You don't have hardness. No edge.

Pretty much why I hated Catholic school. So much fucking hypocrisy. "Don't do it. But it's ok if you do it." Then "you can't have morals without religion. " Then "judge not." I know people who got knocked up at abstinence rallies. Dead serious.

Fascinating long comments thread - I'm nearly through. Bear in mind this was written eight years ago, so before Tinder and stuff. Remarkable amount of red pill wisdom there, even if some of the contributors admit it's out of jaded cynicism :cool:

And even in the midst of the pearls, the following is truly a diamond:

I’ve seen a similar pattern in people I’ve known who spent years in a sexual free-for-all party mode, then decided that they were ready to settle down. As you suggest, they’d go around making a big deal about their change of heart/change of lifestyle – trying to convince themselves while trying to convince everyone else.

In every single case I know of, they failed to change their lifestyle, and ended up cheating on their spouse in fairly short order. This is why I keep telling David that I do not believe that adults change their “set in” behavioral patterns – once a partier, always a partier; once a taste for bay boys, always a taste for bad boys.

(NB: he seems to be referring to men as well as women. Take note all ye who enter here....)

And since this thread is sort of religion-themed, here's a Bible summary of the above quote:

Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.

Very interesting find. I suspected that hypergamy and bad boy theory applied to so called evangelical christian women, interesting to see that it does. I guess it really shouldn't surprise me, though, I guessed that maybe the conservative religious types would be the last women to become outright sluts, I think I guessed wrong there.

women have always liked "bad boys" and always will unless human beings under go some sort of transformation due to science or something and we r no longer human

it's hard wired into their biology to reward dominant and powerful men and punish/reject weak and timid ones

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