Indian social system is getting destroyed in front of us

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Betas are getting more and more frustrated due to higher age of marriage and chads and assholes are getting more and more prime pussy for free of any form of commitment.

This reddit thread is PURE GOLD

Betas and chads discuss about premarital sex in India. One of the conversations.

deleted says:
You would have had much better luck if you were in Delhi.

PersianDJ (Beta cuck) says
Not true at all.Its just a depressing myth.

Chutiye ameer ladke ladkiyan ghumaate hain and if they are lucky they get a kiss on their cheeks

another deleted beta says:
I have even seen my schoolfriends lip kiss back in Kolkataunfortunatelymewastooshyforshit..

v0lta_7 (alpha slayer) says
Frustrated virgin detected. There's a lot of sex going on in Delhi in DU/JNU etc. It's a pretty casual issue in DU now; in some colleges even lesbian couples are open about it (haven't heard about any male gay couple though).

PersianDJ says
Aapko dikhate hue karte hain kya?

Even if its true, damn if girls are courageous enough to be open about it.

If an unmarried uncommitted couple is having sex, no one knows except those two, especially in India.

(a.k.a no beta knows because betas should be availabel for marriage and they should be as sex starved as possible. just like in the west girls do not openly talk about sex or be flirtatious when a beta is nearby so that he will not become aware of the whole conspiracy that is actually DIRECTED AT HIM. Girls fucking chads while he is deliberately being denied sex to make him as starved as possible so that he will commit to a hoe who fucked all the chads around that beta.)

v0lta_7 (alpha slayer) says
Haha I'm in DU. Itna to common hai.

Where are you from man? In Delhi it's so common for couples to book rooms in cheap hotels in Paharganj to go bone for an hour or two for cheap. Of course parents aren't aware of it, but it's common knowledge among the college social circle.

unaware alhpa slayer tells how it is. He is not aware that what he is doing is impossible for a beta.. only women subconsciously know this. alpha slayers are as unaware as betas of the whole situation and the reasons behind it. They do not even know that not all men fuck like them because the beta virgins are too ashamed to talk about sex...and alphas probaby assume that situation is the same for everyone. The difference is that they like it.

PersianDJ says
They must be long term bf-gfs then. (it must be it must be this... it cannot be that women have casual sex right IT CANNOT BE NOOO.. So it must be this then, long term commited relationships probably with the goal of marriage... yees i feel better now.

The way you framed your comment implied that short term hookups have become the norm, which I refuse to believe.(like above... betas gona beta. At least this beta acknowledges that he refuses to believe reality. he admits that he does not admit.. kinda weird but.... whatever it is still something he admits right??? or not idk

v0lta_7 (alpha slayer) says
Hey bhagwan why are you in denial? slayer does not understand that there are beta males out there who are in denial of the raelity. he thinks everybody is like him.. . cannot comprehend the fact that if everybody knew girls whoudl not try to hide this with so much effort... they would be open about it,. Just the fact that the girls are not open about this it says that SOMEBODY MUST BE DECEIVED IN THIS SYSTEM of fucking chads and denying

Nah they definitely haven't become the norm. But it's basically an open secret among peers though, in most big unis in India (I'm extrapolating from Delhi to most big Unis, might be wrong). And yeah one night stands are still very rare, but short term (a month or less) hookups are not uncommon.

PersianDJ says
What pisses me off is that when the girl will be set up for marriage by parents, she'll pretend to be a naive virgin to her prospective husband.Why can't she proudly own up to her past?
OMG... beta feels somethig is wrong..... OMG

I can't , really can't see myself with a girl who has sex out of relationships, because I can't do it myself.Its my biggest irrational fear that I'll be trapped into marriage with a promiscuous girl.
that was fast... not that stupid if you think.. :D

I am also from Delhi , been working in Pune for 3 yrs , would probably marry a Delhi girl in a yr or two.Fuck you for ruining my mood.back to beta state of shaming people who tell the truth and try to get back in denial as it is more confortable there, ok beta? O.K sounds good

Its probably those ugly degenerate chicks seeking validation who would be okay being dicked for a short time.Yes Yes this must be ... only ugly chicks like to get dicked for validation .. huuuuhhh i finally found the explanation, back to normal beta state now

v0lta_7 (alpha slayer) says

Its probably those ugly degenerate chicks seeking validation who would be okay being dicked for a short time.

Man you seem to have some serious baggage to be this offensive towards someone who's only characteristic you know is that she's had sex. And your awful sexist attitude is reflected here when you say this only about the girl.

Your kind of people have years and years of pent up sexual frustrationno shit...., and you form this outer sheath of no-sex purity to justify the situation to yourself. Sorry for being this personal, but your thoughts are disgusting and it's appalling to see seemingly educated people call girls who have pre-marital sex 'degenerate'.

I bet you're one of those people who lurk around the shadows in college, stalking girls on facebook, sending them messages
and calling them 'randi' if they don't respond positively. I've seen the type.
lets creep shame a little... this will out this beta back to his place


Now let's see how good indian women are and how traditional their parents are
deleted says:
Dude,I am telling you stick to you race or other Internationals or if you can Indian prostitutes. See suppose you have sex with an Indian woman,she can put rape charges on you and send you to jail .Please consider this prospect.

This incident has happened to brother-in-law of my cousin.So my cousin has married a Canadian and her brother came to India for a journey.Everything was nice,except this guy slept with a localite girl.The girl accused him of rape and lots of trouble happened.Finally some money exchanged hands and everything became ok.LOOOOOL @ Indian traditional morals.... we keep our virginities.... but its ok to fuck my daughter if you give me some money you know....

Once again, not generalising all Indian girls but they absolutely have the power to cause harm to u and there are always passport-sharks roaming around

Later the beta from the first convo also says.
PersianDJ says
I 've met the most sophisticated educated girls who will only have sex with their husbands.Forget sex, most of them want to have their first kiss with their husbands.LOOOOOOLLLL PersianDJ will keep his virginity for marriage and will not even kiss a girl and him and his wife will have their first kiss together.... so pure and wonderful.....and beta

Being a virgin is a part of their identity and they're pretty proud of it.poor poor guy....what lies in front of him.. he has no idea

random poster says
25 M, in a 'friends with benefits' relationship with a senior office colleague . Do it whenever either of us are in the mood for it.
... is that girl the future wife of PersianDJ ???

another random comment this time from a beta:
23 year old virgin. A friend hit on me thrice but I didn't really notice it then and now I kind of regret missing the gay experience, because perhaps something is better than nothing.

so incel-turned-gay theory might be legit....

another one from an alpha
M 33 married.

Lost virginity at 16, multiple partners since, same with wife.

As you can see the workd of a chad and the world of an incel are on DIFFERENT FUCKING PLANTES.

The incel is always hidden the real truth by the chads and women. He lives in a fantasy world created to him by them women. Women crete this fantasy. Chads have no idea either of how things work. They are for sex and incels are for being abused financially and emotionally after marriage.

And this is how incels are trying to overcome their condition and have fulfilled life in India :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Almost 30. All i cd do till now is dry hump a 45 year old unmarried fat mentally deranged (now) lady when i was in my teen years couple of times. Though I did it because of hormones n shit. I am ashamed and regret doing it


Lol about betas being in the dark
100% true in my case
When i was a young kid i had no IDEA what was going on behind thr scenes. Literally was thinking how sex only in relationships and stuff like that.

I also tought that all males must work hard and face rejection.
Oh boy was i wrong,yet looking back it was obvious back then. It is just coping

In my opinion indian societ is UNKNOWINGLY REDPILLED.

They are not aware of the fact that they are redpilled. They follow traditions just because it is a tradition not because they know about female hypergamy and shit like that.

And it is dangerous not to know why you are doing what you are doing, but again 98% of humans are total morons so you cannot expect anything from them. If yiu want to live in a redpilled society you cannot explain to the retarded moron the concepts we are talking about here. Retarded moron wants to fuck women and retarded moronette wants to fuck chads...

nobody wants to fuck beta incles

The fact that they do not know why they are doing what they are doing makes them at risk of getting their complete system screwed by whoever deliberately runs this fucking world into collapse.

Some good redpill from a different topic from r/india

Why shouldn't i who will bear all the brunt of marriage get to have the experience of de-flowering my wife?

Beautifully said.

And in India your wife is more likely to cheat on you with her former lovers, so be weary of girls who have had sexual experience

Just like anywhere else

It is a fact that the more you sleep around the higher is the chance of you having an unhappy marriage. There is research that indicates this.

The one thing that those researches do not say is that the marriage is affected mostly by the WOMAN sleeping around.
If a man visited 100 prostitutes to fulfill his sexual desires this will not make the marriage unstable, but the opposite.
The more sexual experience a man has the more stable the marriage is.
And vice versa the more sexual relations the woman has tho more UNSTABLE THE MARRIAGE IS

That is why the best way of life is for men to go to prostitutes while they build a career and than marry a virgin.
There should be a small percentage of female prostitutes and those women would fulfill all the sexual needs of the men in a society to help the society advance technologically and economically. And also emotionally by not letting random women be prey for liars, cheaters, assholes and rapists. Sex with a non prostitute should be harshly punished by any society. History shows us that this is the most efficient and benefical and also benevolent way a society can peacefully evolve and thrive.
PostThis post by cats was deleted by puanewb on Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:26 am.
Reason: Requested via PM

way way more cucking in india

to many introverted betas, so few extroverted betas

betas are the true alphas because they realize that uncommitted sex and hypergamy leads to the destruction of society.

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