Downswung V.S. Upswung Faces (Repulsive vs aesthetic)

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The face on the left is different than the ideal on the right because It's rotated downward. The cheekbones look flat at the inferolateral orbital rims (upper part of the cheekbones, below the lateral orbital rims) because they grew downward with gravity. Having prominent forward sloping & high set cheekbones is the most important aesthetic feature.

The face on the right is turned upward. For the face on the left to be attractive, the cheekbones and mandible would need to rotate counterclockwise. His forehead looks more prominent than his midface because his midface is simply rotated clockwise too much.

If you tilt your head down your forehead will become more prominent, imitating a downward grown face. if you tilt your head up your midface will be more prominent. The ideal midface is one that didn't grow inward and downward with gravity.

The only difference between these two faces is that one on the left grew vertically and the other grew diagonally / on a counterclockwise rotation. One has melted with gravity pulling it downwards and the other grew straight.


3D Face Analysis wrote:The paranasal area should be more forward and rotated than the rest of the midface. The girl on the right does not have a good paranasal area.

The girl's midface isn't ideal either since there's a convex curvature beginning from her cheekbones.

Who do you think has good bone structure?
Do any of these faces lack convexity?

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