[NSFW] "How I lost confidence when I lost my face"

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Ceran wrote:^whatever

That's an anomaly

Go do the dating experiment with defined girl vs average guys face and see what happens. But you know we're right

Leave me alone, I'm playing my favourite game:



Ceran wrote:That's an anomaly

So? Be an anomaly then, or stop fucking whining.

The argument made was it would be impossible, that "any" female would run a mile from a disfigured man. That's bullshit, anomaly or not.

The argument was also made that FaceWoman was higher up the SMV ladder than the forum-dwellers. Well, then so is Bertie Treacher-Collins.
Tell me with whom you associate and I will tell you who you are. If I know with what you busy yourself, I know what you amount to

An anomaly is a random thing that can't be explained or replicated

If treacher Collins guy loses his girl he will likely never find a new one .

If scar face loses her BF, simple empirical data shows there will be other interested suitors

You cannot be an anomaly since by its nature it is again, random and can't be replicated

With regard the stock T-C sufferer that is always offered as an example...

In my time here, I've seen a female burn victim, a female deformed face due to meningitis, a female sufferer of chreubism and even a disgusting pig-woman morph all, ALL get romantic interest to various degrees. The Female cherubism sufferer was chased, even lusted over, FFS.

Devil's advocate or not, the fact that females still command a level of desirability when grotesquely malformed is undeniable. OK, Treacher-Collins guy is a rare case of a deformed man securing a normal female. However, how would he fare on Tinder? OKCupid? A real life survey? A speed-dating evening?

We KNOW females, whatever their afflication, can still succeed at dating if they have the nerve to put themselves out there. Men who are deformed will NOT.

Norwood Cemetery wrote:OKCupid

Don't even.

I still have nightmares over some of the women that contacted me on that site. I wake myself with my screaming.

EDIT: Admittedly I am creating strawmen aplenty ITT.

Norwood Cemetery wrote:Aw, diddums!

Meet half-woman, half Bo! Selecta character Tammy Saunders. Seems she got hit with a strain of Meningitis which poisoned her blood cells.



She was apparently "never confident" before her illness:
By my 20s I had built on [new found confidence] and, with the addition of some foundation, mascara and lipstick, I actually felt pretty. I had a boyfriend, a home, a career and for the first time in years I was fairly happy with my looks and life in general. However, at the age of 32 my looks and my life changed forever.

Sounds like the archetypal carousel-cum-beta provider settling lifestyle...

It took ten days for me to be diagnosed with meningococcal septicaemia, a strain of meningitis that causes blood poisoning... I lost the bottom half of my nose and almost all of my lips. The flesh on the bottom half of my legs and small areas of my arms, hands and feet had to be removed and the surviving skin on my limbs is criss-crossed with burn like scars. Tendons, muscles and nerves were also damaged so I have been left disfigured and with mobility and dexterity problems.

Ahhh... it's a shame.

So here I was again with a face and body that I was deeply unhappy with. I was in hospital for four months but outside of the safety of the hospital, where it seemed OK to look such a wreck and everyone knew why I did, I became very self-conscious. Before my illness I had worked hard to become a very social and active person but when I got home from hospital I would rarely leave my flat for anything other than hospital appointments.

Ring any bells, incels?

That's why I applied to be on Channel 4's The Undateables - a dating programme for people with challenging conditions. I'd cheated death for goodness sake so I was pretty sure there was nothing I couldn't do.

No, surely fucking not...

I had been a bag of nerves beforehand but within minutes of meeting him I was able to forget my appearance. He looked into my eyes, not at my scars and liked me for my personality. It finally proved that despite everything that has happened I am still an attractive person because of how I am inside.



This thing:

Is STILL more valuable on the sexual market than any of you reading this thread. End it incels, abandon hope all ye who enter this mortal coil as a sub-8 male.

That is brilliant man. This pretty much shows my frustration and despair at the world. I am not even "sub-8", more a case of autistic, ugly, incel with huge emotional and self esteeem problems. At the bottom 5% (roughly) of male SMV scale. I didn't even have a chance. Maybe if females were not so upfront about loving high SMV guys so much, I wouldn't feel so bad about it. But what can you do? The path of the wizard for me I guess.

This show Undateables has this guy on it.
"Tom has Tourette's and Asperger's which makes him anxious in social situations, especially around women. "
http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the- ... es/all/tom
Apparently most women don't care.
Maybe Austism isn't as big of a cause as inceldom as I thought. Of coarse you still have to look like a slayer. The problem with autism is both approaching women and making sure they enjoy spending time with you without looking retarded. VERY difficult for an autist to do. If the women throw themselves at you and you have the halo effect from good looks it probably becomes a lot easier.

Should really be shot dead imo. Looking at that creature is traumatic to children

Norwood Cemetery wrote:This thing:

Is STILL more valuable on the sexual market than any of you reading this thread. End it incels, abandon hope all ye who enter this mortal coil as a sub-8 male.

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Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

her male equivalent

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LMSghost wrote:Should really be shot dead imo. Looking at that creature is traumatic to children

This. White women are supposed to be beautiful, no fucking exceptions. They exist to remind us mere sub 8 mortals that there may in fact be a heaven or some higher being by looking at their divine figures. To go against that is to be an abomination upon nature and human sanity.

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