Study reveals that "Mewing" works on adults, to some extent.

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Objectives: The study was designed to investigate the correlation between myofunctional exercises, including repositioning of the tongue onto the palate and changes in intercanine distance of the upper jaw in non-growing patients

Methods: In this retrospective study a total of 141 women and men above the age of 18, treated by the Coulson Institute of Orofacial Myology, with no simultaneous orthodontic therapy, were included. All subjects have participated in a myofunctional therapy program for at least 8 months. The training consisted of various muscle exercises for the lips, cheeks, tongue and body posture and breathing. Additionally, the patients put a small dissolvable gelatine pad onto the palate three times a day to assist the swallowing function. Throughout therapy the length of the philtrum, intercanine distance and overjet were measured.

Results: After 8 sessions the average intercanine distance increased by 3.2 mm, the philtrum elongated by 5.4 mm and the overjet decreased by 1.2 mm.

Conclusion: The results indicate that tooth position can be changed by muscle therapy, even in non-growing subjects. This implies that muscle training can be a highly supportive therapy for orthodontic treatment.

Note that for the philtrum length, they were doing other weird exercises that stretched the muscles of the philtrum and increased collagen production.

Read the 7-pages study: ... rapy35.pdf

Thank you for posting this.

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Blackpill Prophet wrote:All the years of mewing are a waste by the time you have mewed your face you are an oldcel. Plastic surgery is the real deal.

I was good looking years ago, and now I look even better and I'm happy with my jaws.

This is not a waste of time, it helped me feel a lot better.

The philtrum elongated by 5 mm? That is the worst possible result you can get. I would killself if my philtrum grew 5 mm. :uzi:

I am mewing everyday, but its hard to keep my teeth together, due to overbite, hopefully I can get results since I am 19.

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