fat girls have been tindermaxing like crazy!!!

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FuckThis wrote:
Jelqing wrote:Just look at a girls face it's easy to tell if they're fat or not .... they have chubby cheeks and cheek bones.... they usually just post face selfies.

pretty a

much 90% of girls on tinder are fatties

If you just saw this girls face you would think she's alright looking...but sadly no


>big ugly boobs
>you can smell the entileme from another continent

That girl is a total fucking trash. Zero attraction to her

Her name is Tess Holiday. She's a plus size model, feminazi, and outspoken supporter of the fat acceptance movement. She's everything you've described and more. 5'5'' 280lbs (she's bigger than that, that's a bullshit estimate at 280 :lol: :lol: ) yet still expects to only date tall, slim jocks and chads who make boatloads of money.

I'll go for bigger girls, but she's far heavier than what I prefer or would consider dating and this is coming from someone who LIKES fat girls. It's ridiculous what these girls expect and can attain in men though.


cats wrote:
PuaKiller wrote:You guys find fat chicks to be more forward/easier? That sounds like the exception, not the norm because even fat girls have tons of guys to choose from. What would you guys rate yourselves? I'd kill for these fatties you guys throw away and treat like they're nothing. I don't believe it.

Girls will throw themselves at guys that are like 3 points higher, probably what is going on here.

Yup these fat girls are 3/10s -4/10s throwing themselves at guys who are 5/10s-6/10s probably.

stamaster21 wrote:
cats wrote:Girls will throw themselves at guys that are like 3 points higher, probably what is going on here.

Yup these fat girls are 3/10s -4/10s throwing themselves at guys who are 5/10s-6/10s probably.

ya. im a 6 by sluthate standards

Youllnevermakeit wrote:Your standards must have hit rock bottom brah. How did you stand the smell of their pussy.

Air spray and probably alot of beer, maybe he threw 5 bottles of purfume at her also.

stop saying thirsty. everyone is fucking thirsty. it's part of being human.

god fucking damn fat bitches are nasty

like jesus fuck u can lose that goddamn weight. why do u choose to be a whale lol

dat food addiction dat fuckin laziness

godofaspies wrote:the last 5 of my tinder meetups, 4 ended up being overweight or at least not slim. they all carefully chose their tinder pics and were very thirsty to meet up.

i reejcted all of them except tonight. i was just fucking playing video games and this girl ive been texting starts asking me what I'm doing and basically invites herself over. huge red flag. fat girls are SO FUCKING THIRSTY. at this point i saw some warning signs but figured i would have her over, we watched some netflix and i fingerbanged her (she asked me to fuck her and i had to reject) and let her suck my dick.

what the fuck. god damnit. I never hooked up with a fat chick before. she needed to lose at least 25 pounds.

i was seeing a slim cute white girl but I aspie'd out when she wouldn't hook up (despite the fact that I was sleeping over in her bed) so that's dead in the water.

i basically just got raped by modern feminist standards since she wasn't attractive.

You sound retarded

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