Women are such whores these days, lulz

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you wouldn't believe the amount of women who have sent me naked pics of themselves on on-line dating sites without ever having met me OR spoken to me on the phone, lulz. I just post a fake profile of a hunk, message them (or respond to a message they send me), ask them R-rated questions about their sex lives (specifically their hottest fuckbuddy experiences) and then I ask for naked pics. lol these whores send me titty pics, pussy pics, etc. even though I am a complete stranger on the internet whom they have never ever met or spoken to.

***a shit ton of them also willingly send me their cell #'s after like 1-2 short messages, telling me to text or call them to set up a "date." lulz at the sheer number of guys these girls have fucked.
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I like that when it comes to getting laid, but long term relationships/good mother material? You're fucked!
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yeah and I am not talking about just one or two sluts, I am talking about a whole lotta whores who are MORE than willing to: a-answer the most invasive questions about their sex live and past sexploits with guys (detailing their preferred method of sucking cock, etc.) b-send me naughty pics, even though I am just a random dude on the internet who they have never even fucking met once or spoken to over the phone. They answer all of my questions and send me these pics after like 3-4 short messages are exchanged on the online dating site, lulz. :lol:

I guess I just don't see the problem here. You're soliciting something, getting it, then turning around and laughing and calling them names.

Meanwhile no wonder every god damn man online asks for such pics. Apparently it works sometimes and now this is a pain in the ass line of questioning just like "what do you do" and "do you do anal"

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