mma is useless when someone is equipped with three things

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1. A blindfold
2. An Asian opponent who can't punch
3. Alki David
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True.. but, it will still increase your odds a bit, al beit not very much.

I'm pretty sure there are more reasons than that. MMA limits you a bit like boxing too because you can do cheapshots. It would be best to learn something like krav maga

Brimstone wrote:True.. but, it will still increase your odds a bit, al beit not very much.

mma increases your odds of winning a hand to hand fight

but a knife totally nullifies that

notice how that guy took down the knife attacker but still died

Krav Maga would increase your odds dramatically vs. knife..

But yes, your best gtfo in that situation

mma is unrealistic anyway. too much stupid rules

why introduce weight classes?
when someone attacks you in the street they don't say, "hey lets jump on a scale bro to see if im too heavy for you and have an unfair weight advantage so that the fight is fair" ..they just fucking attacking you. so why should mma fighters have the privaledge of only fighting guys around their weight level?

also, why no head kicks allowed when opponant is on the canvas?
when someone fights you in the street more likely than not if they knock you to the ground and get the chance to kick you in the head they will

when no 2 vs 1 matches?
you think on the street the guys mates are just gonna stand by and watch you kick the shit out of their friend?

mma needs to have a lot changed if they're to make it realistic.....
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MMA is useless. People can just hustlerush you down before you even reply back with technique.

Martial arts are whatever. When you fight to the death anything goes. Cheapshots and weapons are out there. It's best to be prepared in teh dirtiest fashion than to use some kind of code of martial honor.

But it says a lot when you can beat someone with pure rage while they used technique. Showed your muscle power/ natural reflex being exerted did more than theirs along with the enhancement of their mind. lol.

MMA is still better than nothing.
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