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What difference does our physical attractiveness make to each man on dating? Well, Human Mating blog has published its last study using fictional profiles on POF:

First Study: Contacts received, Matches and Reply rates at first message:

Second and Third Studies: Contacts received, Matches and Reply Rates at second message:
Women seem wicked when you're unwanted

Jelqing wrote:Image

ROFL! Probably sick of solely being hit on by niggers instead of Chad due to her unfeminine and hood rat like appearance.

I'm conducting a POF experiment of my own. Using the photos of a 19 year old Brazilian girl who was a major drug cartel leader by the name of Carolzinha (she was killed earlier in February after opening fire on Military Police in Belo Horizonte), I made a fake profile, and i'm getting more messages than i ever have on my own profile in the past 4 years before i deleted it today. I haven't gotten one single message on my own profile at all in those last 4 years. Here's the fake profile:

The girl i speak of is also my profile pic........after being shot and killed. ... =124557631

The view-reply ratio :lol:
Only attractive girls can truly judge when a guy is actually attractive.

I had online dating experiment 2 year ago, it was :-D and :oops: . That girl was living in Ukraine and we was talking about everything :wink:
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