Slut fucks 200 men "Deep down all girls want to be like me"

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A wannabe singer and former stripper that has confessed to having sex with more than 177 men claims that 'deep down women want to be just like her'.

Biannca Lake, 28, who once auditioned for X Factor with a girl group called Dice, denied that she was a slut and said people who criticised her were 'just jealous'.

:lol: I'm just dying here. At least she's honest about it. How many whores out there have similar notches on their belts but pretend that they've only been 'With a guy or two'?
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Yeah, but being attracted to such whores is right and being attracted to 15yo virgins is morally bankrupt :lol: :lol: :lol:

Don't you say, buddy boyo?

"She also said the one time she did commit to a man, he ended up breaking her heart." So basically she's retarded.

the western civilization is so corrupt that allow some sluts to say such shameless thing without consequences
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Really appalling behaviour. But it is worth bearing in mind that people talk complete BS on these shows, and there's a good chance she's just saying it to get attention. You would already have to be a total attention whore to agree to appear on that crap in the first place.

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