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Whenever I see a great smile, the person always seems to have a similar 'look' from a kind od 3/4 profile look.
It's like their lower cheek area (the one furthest away from you) is hidden by their teeth/jaws.
As if the inside of their lower-cheek is superglued to their lower gums on the inside. Or maybe it's their lips hiding the flesh?

I used to think it was just extra fat, but I often see overweight people with this effect, and skinny people without it.

I've attached a pic to help explain.
The gorgeous girl has the backwards 'C' shape.
The guy (who is lean) has more of a 'C' shape, and you can see the flesh that is inbetween the apple of his cheeks and his chin.
On the far right, i've made it look similar to the girls by getting rid of the flesh.
I think it makes his smile MUCH better!

Another pic shows the difference between some pic of a random guy I found, and Adam Grenier.
Adam has the good look of the flesh not being visible from a very similar angle.

All good looking people have this trait.
I can achieve it on myself If i pull hard on the skin just outside the lower lip.
Doing so also makes me look better 'at rest'.
So if I can work out what procedure gives this look, i'd kill 2 birds with one stone.

Also, if you kind of *pout* whilst smiling at the same time, you can kind of mimic the 'look'

What is causing the difference between them regarding this effect, though?
I have some ideas, but i'd like the thoughts of the experts here

MorphIncel wrote:no buccal fat + high cheekbones

No buccal fat - Thing is, I think the lack of (visible) buccal fat is a direct result of the underlying bone structure. Hence why I say some fat people (who have more physical fat in their face) actuallylook more chiseled in the face than some skinny people.

I have a friend who is fat but he has a fairly chiseled face. This is because he has a models bone structure.
I know this as, when he was thinner about 5 years ago, who looked IDENTICAL to Tom Welling!

High cheekbones - Possibly something to do with it, although not really my thinking at the moment.

My theory at the moment is that it's to do with having advanced jaws which mean that the lips and the teeth are also forward projecting, and thus you can't see the lower cheek flesh from that angle.
I also think it's to do with having a larger lower jaw(that gives a slightly wider chin???) with good length, that effectively pulls the skin adn the flesh taut as opposed to having all of the fat sitting in a lump with nowhere to go!

Look at the pic comparing the guy to the girl. The angle from his nose to his lip seems to go in (recessed maxilla?), whereas hers is protruded and her teeth seem to be inline with with the centre of her nose tip!
Also the difference in their chin and jaw line is quite drastic.

Kristen Kreuk is hot and VERY THIN, but she does NOT have the good ''backwards C/cheek glued to the teeth'' look
Even though the angle isn't right, I know this from other pics of her, and sometimes it's obvious, even from the wrong angle that is too 'head on'
You can also see that her BITE isn't quite right, and she has a slight 'short face' thing going on.
Vertically short mandible?

The model on the left Does have the ideal shape. Bristol doesn't (even after whatever surgery she'd had done before this pic)

Great find. This should be stickied.

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OmegaKV wrote:Great find. This should be stickied.

Ray J. Johnson Jr. wrote:Holy shit. This is legit.
You just created a new category of cheekcels and smilecels.

I think we need some more replies before we get carried away :P

Also, I was thinking earlier about this, and I wonder if such an operation exists wherby the area where the inside of the cheek meets the gums can be altered?!!
I imagine that you could get the desired look whereby it seems as if the inside of the cheeks is glued to the gums by changing the area where they connect with some clever cutting and re-stitching?!!

Is this a real procedure?

nah it's nothing. see uglies with this and good looking people without. it's just how the face is structured. some have triangular pointy middle, while others are more broad.

Again here, erasing the flesh makes him loads better looking.
But what operation mimics this effect?
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MorphIncel wrote:no buccal fat + high cheekbones

High cheekbones? Oh fuck I guess I'm a slayer now.

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