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remember my postings about make up...more specifically concealer for under eye deficiency?


My whole life I have been person on the left..when I apply the stuff I bought I can look a lot more like person on the right. However this is no permanent solution and to be honest I don't like wearing make up every day like a fucking woman

that's why i decided to get filler in that area...that should do the trick right?

lol at that direct flood lighting to manipulate her looks. she's 8/10, they purposely fucked up her face on the left with bad makeup, poor lighting, etc to sell their products.

you can't improve much with just makeup. makeup only looks good on you if you're already good looking. same as tattoos, fashionable hair, clothing, etc.

Has anyone gotten fillers for the lower eyelids? I'm getting rhinoplasty first (hump removal, so the excess skin might affect the eye area) so there's no point in getting infraorbital rim implants / canthopexy yet.

In some pictures it looks like an improvement like here. Doesn't fully fix the eyeshape but improves scleral show and lateral canthal angle:

In other pictures I don't notice any real difference but lots of people seem to be getting fillers for tear throughs while I would exclusivly want to lift the lateral part of the lower eyelids. Are the people with "results" just squinting or something?

hey disasterface, seems like you are going through the very same procedures I will be going.

I am going to get a rhino as well - hump removal also. And I am looking for filler sfor my under eye area, If you like we could talk and keep in touch over PM

BTW what did your surgeon say regarding the excess skin on your nose and the eye area? my surgeon didnt tell me that much about it aside from he wont make my nose that much smaller BECAUSE of the excess skin (cant he just cut the skin off?)

Sure, it's hard enough to get a fair representation of what procedure will achieve which effect. It certainly wouldn't hurt to discuss findings and once available results.

As for the rhino: I don't have a date and surgeon set yetbecause I most likely won't be able to get it done till next fall but I've seen 2 surgeons for consultation. I've specifically asked them about the effects of my rhino on other parts of the face (that is actual effects, not different perception due to the changed facial balance). First guy said it wouldn't change much and that my skin would adapt within a few months (I'm 29 fwiw, so not exactly young but yougn enough to retain some skin elasticity).
The second one said that the excess skin has to be moved sideways and will thus increase the weight pulling down the lower eyelids. In general some slight lower eyelid retraction and slightly worse canthal tilt are not entirely unexpected (though I think most people have decent enough rims and soft tissue that the benefit of a better nose makes them not even realize this). For me this is especially true since my cheekbone forward proejctions and infraorbital rims are clearly subhuman so I get very little support. I suppose getting infraorbital rim implants before might be possible, but getting anything done to the paraorbital soft tissue would be stupid since there's a high chance it will move somewhat.

Damn I have poor under eye support as well, I didnt even think of that especially considering the excess skin after rhino that probably needs to be cut..

my surgeon told me thjat he wont be cutting that muhc tho, my nose will get smaller and thinner but not drastically. probably wont hurt my under eye region that muhc but still something to think about - thanks for the input

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