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insanebean wrote:
Suck your father's dick, you shameless fatherfucker. When Fabie daily attempts to crack the username passwords in the forum from Uruguay, at least two, and usually three, of the following accounts are logged in at the same time: Necrotoxic, Iced Earth, and Filthier Than Whale. You are busted, you frustrated old crossdresser homosexual. How pathetic you have not bathed/showered in nearly 9 months (see: Kiwi Farms).

p.s. Stop posting that disgusting coprophilic image in the forum chat. And stop confusing this account with Zesto and Knajjd, you retarded elderly drunkard.

You's a moron, Anal Lina. Those three accounts have never been logged in at the same time in all history. I only use one account per session, FTW or Necro. Iced isn't me, you're too dumb to tell difference even after all this time.

Truly deserving of your low-IQ crew leader's tittle.

Now go eat your slavic family's excrement, lest you gain a couple IQ points and go from 15 to 17 points.

p.s. Salesman took a shower this morning, but the question is do slavs wash their mouths after riming their uncles?

insanebean wrote:Triggered much? Truth hurts, eh? Lol.

What is this below?

Delete message

This message was deleted by its author.
by Filthier than Whale » Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:49 am

Damn, you can't even pull the trigger when sending threatening pm messages.

Threatening? It was a message of love, you slavic turd fetishist.

Look below


Ona Lina wifed up his longtime sexual partner Niggerjoshua /tyron and together they had a stillborn crossdresser child. Which one of them gave birth remains unspecified due to the fact that they both inseminated each other's assholes. Despite these dramatic events Ona Lina still finds inner resolve to continue spamming SH chatbox and be an unhygenic, overweight transvestite on a daily basis. He credits his wife's (Inceljoshua/tyron) welcoming and loving anus and licking dad's asshole with helping him overcome grief.

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