Self harming girl on a bus

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I saw her small slender arm extended and covered with small scars. At first I thought that she was just another attention whore but then I saw the underside which was covered in much larger scars. Her pale thin arm had some huge thick fresh looking scars that looked like she really slit her veins in some places.
So far I have only seen her arm and I felt a great sense of empathy for her. But then I saw her face, and the rest of her body and she was clearly 8/10, with slim yet curvy feminine body, cute face and shoulder length hair. It was then when I realized that she was not a victim. A hot girl like that had her whole life ahead of her and droves of guys chasing after her. But she was cutting herself over some chad who dumped her like the rest of the whores. What a dumb fucking cunt, I thought to myself and smirked at the idea that a cute being like her suffers due to her stupid mind.

EDIT, she was wearing shorts that weren't too slutty but still pretty short and a top with no cleavage.
Normally I don't lust after random girls but her scars really turned me on. I felt a strong urge to comment on her scars, to mock her and to put her down.

Another faggot that can't even get his phone out and press a button

Icecutter101 wrote:Another faggot that can't even get his phone out and press a button

1. I am not going to get myself doxed over some forum "cred"
2. I am not dumb enough to take creep shots of a girl on a bus full of people
3. Even if I did take a picture of her you couldn't see her arm so I wouldn't be proving anything

I only really saw her scars when we were entering the bus and she was standing in front of me. We then sat separated with a distance of roughly 4 meters in between us. A middle aged woman was sitting on my right side.

I can easily find her within a week if I decide to wait for her on the same bus station but I still don't know how I can pull of a close creep shot of her left arm's underside.

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