So Nornies don't understand why male incles have no friends

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I'll tell you why its quite common for us INCELS not to have male friends or social circles. (I'm mostly talking from my 'younger version of myself' perspective).

Very easy.

- Be unattractive.

- Be small in skeletal development / height or very late physically developing.
Its also associated with sporting failure (sports being a big thing for young men), not just being less manly and ugly to girls. Its like you failed as a man big time as well if your say 19 but still the size of a 14yo. Popular, manly guys from class/school don't want any of it. Popular/normie cliques stay closed. People see you as a kid not a man.

- Be shy but not a mute.

- Have "gayface" (underdeveloped) even though your not gay, you'll be negatively perceived as gay and so shunned by straight males. This was more of a problem in the 1990's.

- You don't have a drivers license or do drugs. You weren't cool because of this.

Your options are other 'weirdos' like yourself; Small, shy, ugly, introverted. Lack success in most social areas, especially w/ girls. Very rare positive feedback (if any).

Seals the deal for your school and college years. You might think uni be different? Lol, its probably even worse.

You won't make any friends past uni, just acquaintances.

You might get 1-4 lifelong friends out of your further educational years. You won't see them often after university/college unless you remain in the same area.

As soon as you start spending less time together - being an adult - friendship wanes. Out of sight out of mind. You see each other on each others birthdays only, weddings and stag do's.... or just passing or a holiday in the area your friend lives. Eventually, you stop making birthday plans one day you realize there's nothing to celebrate. They just become a face and name on facebook that's part of your former memory.

Or you quickly grow out of each other. You want to party and he wants to be serious now, or vice versa. You want to slay/court women, he's already settled started a family etc. Or he is so blue pilled he can't handle talking to you at all. Or he's settled with a fat woman/ogre beast and it makes it super awkward as you can't stand sucjwomen.
Tell obese hogs to FUCK OFF.


you are exaggerating
is obvious that most people want attractive people as friends because boost their social status etc
I seen in my whole life that even ugly and small guys have several friends, of course friends in the same perspective,idem social class,similar looks level, etc

something that can affect you to be friendless is the bad logistics, specially the neighborhood where you live
some type of neighborhoods don't help to get friends easily, but if you are enough not shy + open and friendly,you should not have problems getting friends in other places
you have to look for people which have something that you like : common vices, common hobbies etc

the friendship will be formed alone because both pursue the same objective
but if you pretend to be the friend of certain guy which have a very different life compared to your life, will not work

You can dumpster dive, but not get the lion's share. People's vanity and fear of being a minor is the reason incels don't have friends.

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