List of fraudulent people within the seduction communities

Bash the pick-up art community. Challenge the assumptions and techniques used by pick-up art, discredit the effectiveness of pick-up art, expose ripoff products, and reveal secret info of dating gurus.

Anyone who charges money and/or claims to be able to get any they want is a fraud.



All Pick Up Artists are frauds, you should stop wasting your money on them and just pay a hooker instead, if it's legal in your country. If not, a RealDoll would be a better option.

beta wrote:
SquattinCassanova wrote:Most of the RSD instructors


Winston Wu

JT Tran

Is JT Tran scammy? Teaching Asian guys is probably the most difficult due to cultural differences, language differences, and physical and social ineptitude. Has anyone tried a bootcamp or review of JT Tran?

All PUA coaches are frauds.

The entire industry is built on a lie. Anecdotal evidence that it works is due to LMS or playing the numbers game.

Furthermore, any reported successes are going to be buried in the vast number of exaggerated fake lay reports and PUA fan fiction.

wasted wrote:add beckster to the fraud list please

evidence? apart from hanging out and doing bootcamps with big con artist known as Mystery.

rob robbins wrote:All PUA coaches are frauds.

The entire industry is built on a lie. Anecdotal evidence that it works is due to LMS or playing the numbers game.

Furthermore, any reported successes are going to be buried in the vast number of exaggerated fake lay reports and PUA fan fiction.

Nailed it absolutely spot on.
This is what happens whenever I approach women.




Life long member of the escort crew

Arabcel crew

Ethnicel crew

Baldcel crew

Oldcel crew

Gymcel crew

In Sum,

Faked infield videos: GLL, Tom Torero, Mystery (VH1's The Pickup Artist)

Roosh V: claimed he slept with women he didn't (Exposed on Ukrainian television).

Mystery: claimed he single-handedly invented Mystery method (it was actually the contribution of several PUAs; the original Mystery method was based on a modified version of R. Don Steele's Find-Meet-Talk-Date formula, later along with Style and Tyler D., the M3 model was created, and later it was further developed by the contributions of MM instructors like Jon Sinn).

Style: misrepresented his development as a pickup artist and the development of the PUA community.

David De Angleo: ripped off several earlier thinkers and writers on dating, and pickup including Ross Jeffries, R. Don Steele, and F.J. Shark, claimed to have success with women and to have mastered dating within 2 years. Yet, there are no lay reports by David D. on the web, no infield pickup videos featuring him, and no photographs of him with women (other than his current wife) in anything but friendly poses. His current wife, Annie Lalla, claims she was only his second serious long-term relationship. His first was with Rose Cole, an internet marketer whom he mentored. Yes, he didn't cold approach her! He met her through one of his internet marketing seminars. Their relationship lasted around a year, she was incidentally the inspiration behind his "Becoming Mr. Right" program.

Ross Jeffries: claims anyone can do Speed Seduction, yet the most successful speed seduction students and teachers are trained hypnotists (David Shade, Mark Cunningham, Bishop, including himself) . They didn't just learn NLP, or Speed Seduction.

Corey Wayne: claims to have mastered dating in a year and a half. In truth, he ripped off Doc Love's material, and Carlos Xuma's teachings. He throws in a few other thinkers like David Deida, and Tony Robbins. He's a former Tony Robbins trainer.
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"you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women." Tony Montana

Short answer: all of them, or all of them you've heard of.

What you haven't yet heard of, but will in twelve short days, is the little clique that is *really* running this show. You've heard of the people, but not in this context, and there is ONE otherwise-anonymous techie -- who has built one of the most impressive and illegal corporate infrastructures in the history of the internet.

You know those YouTube videos that get 100k+ hits the second they drop? You know SOMETHING is causing this popularity, but you can't quite put your finger on who is pulling the strings. The same is true of the PUA gurus: they all appear to be doing the same things, but ONE company gets FIFTY TIMES the traffic of all other companies, even admitting that they know something you do not. Guess what? I now know it too, and soon the world will know. In twelve days, to be exact.

The most fascinating aspect of this little group that has been running everything almost forever now (it's like North Korea in that the community has never known anything but its Dear Leaders) is that there have been FOUR separate kingpins over the past twenty years, with each new Kingpin rising in response to a specific event. The last transfer of this power occurred in 2009, when the current form of the scam took shape.

The Department of Justice has already been notified, and they ARE investigating this. The scale of this fraud is so large that they have no choice but to do so. Over $100 million has been diverted into the pockets of these true scammers, at the expense of everyone, most notably the average guys who didn't realize they were being conned out of their money by one of the most sophisticated false-advertising and "astroturfing" campaigns in history.

What is most shocking about this is not the complicity of the webhosts, but of the PAYMENT PROCESSORS, without whom there would be no money to follow. Since they have now formally been made aware, the group's primary source of money has already been cut off. If you have tried doing business with them in the past week you will know firsthand that they no longer have any way of collecting your money. This of course means that people who were expecting to be paid are not going to be paid, and their lifestyles are already taking a hit.

The fraud was disclosed in the past, in passing, by someone who could have brought it down, but didn't, leaving me to wonder just how motivated this self-appointed crusader, whose anti-PUA website now redirects to his commercial PUA website, really was. His evidence was crucial, though not absolutely necessary, to facilitate this ultimate takedown of the PUA community.

In twelve short days, all will be made clear. Be patient. This is going to be epic.


Are you talking about the seduction syndicate? The self-appointed crusader you speak of must be Ross Jeffries. However, he is a member of the seduction syndicate. Marni Kinrys revealed the names of the members of the seduction syndicate in her 2012 book, "Get Inside Her". Here's the quote,"Special thanks to my industry peeps: everyone in The Seduction Syndicate, Sean Stephenson, Eben Pagen, Carlos Xuma, David Wygant, Josh Pellicer, Mark Ling, Nina Rubin, Neil Strauss, Ross Jefferies, Nicole Powers, Brian Gross, Kelly Perkins, and Rabbi Shwartzie."


The book you quote is hearsay. My evidence suggests something a lot different.

In TWO days, all will be clear, and the PUA community will never be the same. I've cracked the code of how the top companies get 100x more traffic than their rivals. No one seems to have figured it out but me, at least no one who's willing to talk.

Also Pagen was never part of any "syndicate" that related to the PUA community. He never had to be. His marketing secret was go to outside the internet altogether and market to clubs, or on the internet to the dating sites. This marketing trick is far more devious, and not only doesn't cost a cent (well it will soon, and a lot more than a cent), but their advertising actually gets them paid.

I've cut off their money three times in the last two weeks. They're already suffocating, if my calculations are correct.

Let's just say their little gig is about to be ruined.

LoserFanboy wrote:Don't trust these "bash the scene" faggots. Jelqing is a snitch, fuck... they're all snitches and alts.
They have zero power, they're useless.
Funny, they get fame, money, and yet they are at home like everybody else. Yet they are stressed the fuck out because they haven't reached valhalla yet. bash the scene is mental masterbation of the very same people. And as a last desperate attempt it's actually free advertimsement.

Funny how most the people that rage on forums are the dumb ones that know they are being outwitted. Bro, when something is underlined it's means you spell like a pleb.
Half these dudes are in jail or long terming some nasty so I don't think it works better than any other marketing scheme, except this one you publicly lose credibility instead of cashing out under the table.

puanewb wrote:Due to the size of the PUA community, a single thread will no longer be sufficient for this purpose, for people interested in a list of people and information on those people, check out the Sluthate Wiki.

You don't need a list for this as they are all fraudulent. There's no "method" for seduction as the term itself implies provoking attraction from another person where there otherwise would be none through a series of inputs. This is magical thinking that is simply false. Either you're attractive or you aren't; no amount of "game" will tip the scales in your favor if you're not.
Take the black pill and discover that the rabbit hole leads to an abyss.

Master Yoda wrote:The entire PUA industry, and much of the self help industry (and that includes Tony Robbins and authors of the book "the secret") are frauds, that target vulnerable often, naive and gullible people.

Could be. But what other options are there better than mass approach 1 million women until 1 says "yes" ?


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