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AllWomenAreLikeThat wrote:
One such moderator has been nightclubbing for 10 years (since 2008 and he was an old-cel 25 y/o then) and still hasn't got laid despite going out every weekend by himself. He posted a mental breakdown that he got barred from a bar by club management.
When I messaged him a 10 year anniversary message he went ballistic sending me a torrent of abusive pms.

Hey AllWomenAreLikeThat, who exactly are you referring to over there? Do you remember the mod's screen name?
More so, why were you reaching out to a guy 10 years later with an "anniversary message" if you seem to hold him in such low regard?

It sounds to me like you were antagonizing him. What exactly did you say to him? And if that's the case, I would certainly expect "abusive" PMs as response as well.

Here's what I know:

Me and my DC area friends used that forum for years just to tag-up and coordinate. Back when I was in pick-up, I would use it to keep in touch and share stories with fellow PUA's in other cities where I had lived.

I found your post, and story about this guy, and it sounded like it almost described my friend Jeff. He had no-sh**, been on the forum since late 2007, when pickup was in its prime/really mainstream. He was 25, but just wasn't meeting the women. The city he lived in at the time certainly didn't help, and I can attest to his upbringing, which was pretty horrific. As a result, he had crappy game, limited social skills (as a result of experience only) and got good with women a few years later than most.

I saw him dramatically improve firsthand in just a short couple years, which actually is short considering the background this guy was coming from. Once he started getting laid, and took on more natural game traits, he graduated from pickup and stopped hitting the forums.

We all did. We all got to a point where pickup no longer really had anything more to offer us.

We didn't use the forum so much anymore, but we were all on and off of it through the years.

He hit me up fairly recently that he had received a PM from a guy calling himself "Kino-Riser". Jeez, by then he had probably been completely inactive on the forum a couple years, and me, more like 5-6 years.

He sent me some of the IM copied, but essentially it started with the subject line: "Remember me faggot?"

As I read through the excerpt of the PM, it said something to the effect of "You little incel permavirgin loser. You thought you were something back when you were talking shit about me 7 years ago. Now I see you're still a little loser who can't get laid (sorry, even the gay guys don't want you). You live in your mom's basement and don't have an education, and now your alpha classmates are all making high salaries with hot wives, and having kids that'll have more game than you by the time they're 7. AMOG'ed by a Fetus!!!"


"You are so triggered, just like how I had you 7 years ago."

When my friend inquired who this guy was and where he knows him from, confused, even stating that he must have him mixed up with someone else, (I was taken aback by how much this guy had wrong about him) the response from Kino-Riser was, "Yeah, you know me, but I won't give you the satisfaction of knowing how."

At this point, those reading this probably have the same reaction to this that I did - "What a little chicken shit social retard, for reaching out to a guy 7 years later, and then concealing his identity. What does he have to be afraid of?"

He was actually rattling off a lot of factually inaccurate stuff about my friend. When Jeff showed me the email, I was like, "well that's not true, you have your own place, you've got a Masters, you're making over 6 figures, and getting laid."

He was also throwing around a lot of UK slang, so definitely never knew my friend.

But then again he wasn't a mod, and to my recollection, never got banned from a club by management or anything like that, so we might be talking about a different guy altogether. That's quite a coincidence though. Especially the terminology. Were you "Kino-Riser" over there by chance?

And by the way, the enthusiasm about the domain and hosting expiring, no need, renewed for another year! Yeah, a lot of pick-up is BS, and scam stuff just trying to get the sale, but there's a place for the legit stories and overall mindset strategies. And that's all still going to be available.

The goal of pickup is to get out of pickup and just go natural, but way too many guys need a path, especially your "autistic" examples that you're happy to call out.

PS: Elliot Rodger never approached a single girl. He just assumed rejection by watching all of these couples having fun.

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