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Bash the pick-up art community. Challenge the assumptions and techniques used by pick-up art, discredit the effectiveness of pick-up art, expose ripoff products, and reveal secret info of dating gurus.
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God I hate fucking Asians and their sneaky snideness.

by Eugenicist » March 2018

They always talk bitter trash about you when they feel there are no consequences. It's like they're teeming/ primed for criticism from seething scrutiny. Just biding their time. What kind of fucking people are this indulgent in being fucking assholes?

White people at least temper their hearts with compassion and are able to be chill swaggermasters who lighten the mood with their hippieish humaneness while the easter basket pudding heads have hateful hubris. They deserve to be the weakest race physically and should be forced into slavery wholesale temple of doom style.
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