Schizo "founder of PUA" loser Ray Gordon homeless wants $50k

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So it seems the self styled "founder of all PUA" Ray Gordon is homeless.

While male homelessness is no laughing matter (cause as males we get no benefits or gravy train meal tickets whatsoever like welfare queens do) can't say didn't see this one coming.

His dodgy background ... Ray_Gordon

His new video asking for $50k

An old document with some sound common sense advice for this work-shy pua fraudster. Notice how his career in PUA ended when it emerged he looked like that and was living in a crack-house? ... ost1979776

I think he's wrong that they can locked him out in 11 days and seize his property. I don't know what state he's living in, but I think 30 days notice is required and he needs to be served with an eviction notice.
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