RSD Tyler lay count is fifty according to this YouTuber

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I wouldn't be surprised if it was less. Fewer than ten would be about right and with a lot less climaxing. I'm in contact with CJ Sparxx and the way she talks about him could be interpreted as she was with him for money and marketing of RSD. Also, I was a member of RSD and shortly into corresponding with CJ, I'm IP banned from RSD's forum.
Not much of a troll and certainly not enough to warrant an IP ban from that place.
By doing business with dumb/dumbs, Owen has dumbed himself down to point where he bragged about being with an "actress". Not a good idea.
How that guy mentions RSD in his video is interesting!

Although I posted the link, I do kind of doubt that Tyler could have such a low lay count. He's been in the game for 15 years, has attested to going out consistently every weekend and has advanced knowledge and training in game. He was even Mystery's wing for a while. If his lay count is 50 in 15 years of game that works out to less than 4 lays a year. This is not taking into consideration times when he had a girlfriend and assuming he was monogamous didn't pull random girls.

How many times does this need to be d̶e̶b̶a̶t̶e̶d̶ exposed.

Owen "Cock" Cook (aka Tyler RSD) is an incel who'd be fucked if it weren't for his incrementally successful business selling overpriced DVD and CDs sets (at $300-$600 a pop) for his nerd shut-in weirdo audience; he wouldn't get laid period without scam money paid for by fat, bald, aspie losers.

Tyler admitted as a public figure his movements are well known. Here is Owen Cook's lay list every other night out he goes home alone. Lying he got laid in nightclubs is all marketing he's just one of the 95% of men that women themselves admit is NOT (physically) attractive and goes home alone like the rest of the losers.


1. Unknown girl who cucked him for a hot dog seller (most likely a sub-5 herself)

2. Girl who visted Tyler but didn't remove her jeans nor got sexual with him in front of his fanboys. I'd say she was courting him but not fucking. Anyways it didn't last.

3. Hideous ugly gold digging Mexican wife. Tyler bought her a car and frequent Melrose Place shopping trips. When Tyler wouldn't allow her to visit honolulu she went out by herself and cucked him anyways.


She looks like a Ferengi and the fact Tyler had to pick up a Mexican WHORE as a white American instead of vice versa speaks volumes. Usually they pick you up and only require $50 tops.
They split in 2010

4. Getting cucked again in 2015 as reported by Sluthate

Reminder Tyler looks like this. I don't care if he went out everynight for 20 years (cause he started in 1998 with Mystery) if you look like this skinnyfat obese Ginger Orangutan meets Pillsbury Doughboy he ain't getting laid period. No woman would want him to pollute thier wombs.
Its not until he got money he hired actresses and off-duty strippers to pose for cash (trust me anyone can do this) but he does not get laid.


I knew a tall Ginger guy with a Mesomorphic body who had top drawer cocaine and also went out for 15 years. He literally could not get laid in a whorehouse and I caught him begging on dating forums for pussy (during CatFish experiments) despie having swarms of women flirting for his coke.

Instead this is how woman view Tyler and his antics (which was amplified even further after the Julien Blanc scandal). No such thing as "bad publicity" as Tyler onced balked check this headline?
Revealed: Boss of vile American 'Pick Up Artist' Julien Blanc facing UK ban bragged about 'raping' stripper who was 'totally not in the mood'

Read more: ... z53CZW0I2C.

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"Ew, what a gross little pigman..."

Here's how Tyler and his fan's see him.


Here's how the rest of the world sees Owen Cock.




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