Man asks out thousands of women and doesnt get a single date

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Cynic4life wrote:
Anders wrote:The girls were fighting over him, not 100% for HIM, but to be the alpha bitch. If that guy actually went with one of the bitches it would not work out BELIEVE ME.

That's what I mean, you cannot relate to this. The girls are more than willing to go with him, and if HE does not blow it up, they follow him to his bedroom. His low perception of himself is the greatest barrier.

Difficult to explain, I'm just trying to give some perspective here. I'm also ugly so my heart breaks every time I see this. But it's a necessity to swallow the black pill. For these chicks I am just invisible, and you cannot rent escorts like this.
But on the other side, like I told you guys, this guy is a wreck in every other field of his life. I don't even know if I would want to trade.

He's one of the rare good looking insecure/shy guys who PUA would appear to be able to help. Few things are more frustrating than reading about this, though I guess when I go out I'm more focused on pulling the girls who may be into me than worrying about what some 9/10 Chad is doing.

In some cases "just have confidence" is valid advice. If you're good looking. If you're ugly having "confidence" is going to land you in prison.
In a world of deceit open your eyes.

this guy needs invisible under shirt shoulder pads. Then he'd have some success given his looks
Only attractive girls can truly judge when a guy is actually attractive.

This is what James Dean would look like if he survived the crash.

i cringe everytime some 30-40 year old pua refers to old hags that he is picking up as "girls".....

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Ladykiller wrote:his female equivalent would get asked out by a thousand men.

That's a bit excess but yes, she'd have dozens at the very worst.

The Messiah wrote:If you're good looking or even average looking you'll occasionally run into a girl who walks up to you and says "hi my friend thinks you're cute can I have your number?"

God I wish I was white.

I am white. This never happened to me. I am 45.

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