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I agree, and i think it's because when you get redpilled you gradually start disengaging with your surroundings, you avoid hanging around people for too long, you stop chasing new life experiences because you know your inadequate LMS are preventing you from enjoying it and Twinky said: you just seclude your own self into solitariness which ends up working as a sort of mental safe haven. It shields you from the redpill shit you see everywhere around you, your whole life goes in limbo, you just exist without actually living, doing the same lonely shit day in and out, depressed and drained of enthusiasm you fantasize of how it all could have been while your frustration and anger accumulates. While the clueless normalfags and slayers are out there taking part in society, collecting memories for life, your redpilled mind slowly rots in misery and you basically goes numb. ~ Twinky