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------- WASP OR DEATH -------
Zeitgeist wrote:Top tier looks, brains, and lineage. The WASPs that settled America a few hundred years ago are today's bourgeoisie. They run America and America runs the world. They own the land and the business and live on passive income, while you (the proletariat) slave away in their factories and offices.

collegecel wrote:With that name Spiegel, I thought for sure he was Jewish, and being in the tech industry... But he's actually a WASP.

Zeitgeist wrote:He should be a the new sluthate icon. While he may not be the typical slayer. I think we may have been WAYYY off with our chad hate mentality. Just lmfao at bashing on some workcel ex athletes who have a slightly easier time getting low class pussy.

Spiegel gets to enjoy being a billionaire from the start of his PRIME! Not only that he is decent looking and tall. He can pump and dump high class pussy like T Swift for a few months and not even care.

------- WASP OR DEATH -------