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Jon Copinghaver wrote:Lol at people who think they have solved the whole "nature vs nurture" thing. This is highly complex and still widely debated but people are forgetting one of the most important variables: LUCK. Over time (a long fucking time) luck doesn't matter because it balances out (look up the relationship between expected return and standard deviation if you want to see why).

Think of each hand in blackjack as a persons life. For successful genetic strands, there will still be many many fuckup hands (incels) but the genetic strand will still be successful in the long term if it is 'good' genes.

If you want a metaphor, life is a game of fucking russian roulette, good genes mean you get to play with more chambers in the cylinder, good environment means you get to use less bullets in the chambers (never reaching zero). So, good genes and environment means you get to play on more favorable terms but you are never safe from getting your brains blown out. So all we can do is spin the cylinder, put the muzzle against our heads, hold our breaths. And pull...